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Winter Tips

​​Temperatures that fall below 32 degrees – particularly when accompanied by strong winter winds dramatically increase the possibility of frozen water pipes and the resulting damage from bursting and flooding. Below are some winter tips to help prevent any financial loss and inconvenience!

  • Keep units heated to at least 68° F. If the unit is unoccupied during the winter, then the heat should be set at least 60-65° F.
  • At least one inside faucet-preferably more, should drip lukewarm water, so that both hot and cold pipes are engaged.
  • Pipes under the kitchen sink or other sinks in your home are particularly vulnerable. If you are going to be away for extended periods of time, sink cabinet doors should be opened to allow heat from the home to enter.
  • All faucets should be checked before you retire for the evening and again in the morning. If you are away for any length of time, a neighbor or relative should be asked to check the pipes.
  • You may want to consider a “key buddy”. This could be a relative, neighbor, or a close friend that holds a key to your unit and checks if you are not residing there or will be away from the unit for a period of days.

SHOULD A PIPE BURST, the following steps should be taken immediately:
Water should be shut off at the main valve.
A plumber must be called. 
Call Association Advisors NJ at 732-294-8882 and report the incident. 
If it is after hours, we can be reached on our 24-hour emergency number 888-295-4617